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Working Connections Surveys

All attendees are required to complete four surveys (three OVERALL surveys and one TRACK-SPECIFIC surveys) before they leave Florida State College At Jacksonville at the end of the program on Friday, June 27, 2014.

Please see the links below.

Failure to complete these surveys will make you ineligible to attend Winter Working Connections 2014 and Summer Working Connections 2015.

Working Connections First Day Survey

After lunch on Monday, please take the survey below.

Survey Link - Monday survey - Day 1

Working Connections Third Day Survey

Working Connections Overall Survey

Before the end of the program on Friday, everyone must complete this “overall” survey.

Survey Link - Friday overall

Friday - Track-Specific Surveys

Before the end of the program on Friday, please choose only the survey below that corresponds to the single track you attended this week.

Thank you for attending Summer Working Connections - South!

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