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Advanced Network Analysis, Troubleshooting and Security (Wireshark)

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This advanced networking course will prepare faculty to teach and sit for the Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (WCNA) certification. The content is both timely and comprehensive, providing the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize, troubleshoot, and secure networks. This hands-on course will be lab-driven with copious examples of real-world networking problems and solutions.

  • Introduction to the Wireshark Network Analyzer
  • Create and apply Capture Filters
  • Creating Global and Personal Preferences and colorize traffic
  • Define Time Values and interpret summaries
  • Interpret basic and advanced trace file Statistics
  • Create and apply Display Filters
  • Follow Streams and reassemble data
  • Customize Wireshark Profiles
  • Annotate, Save, Export and Print packets
  • Master Wireshark's Expert System
  • Wireshark Remote Capture functions: TAPs, and Cisco Embedded Packet Capture (EPC)
  • Advanced TCP/IP Protocol Analysis
  • Analyze Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and Domain Name System (DNS) traffic
  • In-depth analysis of Internet Protocol (IPv4/IPv6) traffic
  • Analyze Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv4/ICMPV6) traffic
  • Analyze User Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic
  • Analyze Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) traffic
  • Graph IO rates and TCP trends
  • Analyze Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCPv4/DHCPv6) traffic
  • Analyze Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic
  • Analyze File Transfer Protocol (FTP) traffic
  • Build a Wireless Infrastructure and conduct 802.11 (WLAN) analyses
  • Introduction to Voice over IP (VoIP) Analysis and troubleshooting
  • Find the top causes of performance problems - Baseline “Normal” traffic patterns
  • Network Forensics Overview
  • Detect network Scanning and Discovery Processes
  • Analyze suspect traffic, Malware, and Botnets
  • Effective Use of Command Line Tools
  • Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Exam Topics


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Dr. Walter Eaton, contact info:


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Wireshark Network Analysis (Second Edition): The official Wireshark Certified Network Analyst Study Guide, ISBN: 978-1-893939-94-3 by Laura Chappell and Gerald Combs

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Track Evaluation

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